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Madison, Wis. – June 6, 2023 – Pythonic Corporation, experts in building natural language and computer vision models for state-of-the-art title document processing, announces its partnership with Proliant Settlement Systems. Pythonic’s AI-driven solutions now automatically split, classify, and re-stack documents, such as closing packages, and attach them to the appropriate files in Proliant’s title production system. 

This new collaboration enables Proliant to quickly and precisely process documents and dramatically reduce turnaround times. Being able to scale rapidly, automate tedious tasks, and inherently be more efficient are of great importance to Proliant. 

“We’re always looking for ways to improve, and have long believed that we should leverage the expertise of our staff to enhance customer experiences, rather than engaging them in mundane tasks,” said Michael Strat, Proliant’s President and Co-Founder. “New technology empowers us not only to automate processes but also to reinvent them, thereby delivering enhanced value to our customers,” Strat said. 

Proliant has worked closely with the Pythonic team to securely ‘layer’ high-precision artificial intelligence (AI) solutions onto Proliant’s title production system to understand and process their documents.

“As we continue our growth across the title industry, partnering with Proliant brings automation and precision to traditionally manual and labor-intensive document processes,” said Pythonic Co-Founder and CEO Matt Younkle. “We’re excited about this partnership and our initial document-splitting service offering as Proliant embraces secure AI and machine learning models within their workflows,” Matt concluded.

Providing agencies, such as Proliant, AI and machine learning expertise, and addressing tasks lacking full automation, is part of Pythonic’s vision to eliminate manual document processing. Pythonic focuses on helping businesses transform how information, documents, and data are processed across the title and settlement industry. 

About Proliant

Proliant Settlements, LLC is a turnkey title company ownership system that offers qualified entrepreneurs an opportunity to own their own title company, complete with all the financial and operational advantages. The Proliant system effectively eliminates the traditional and often difficult barriers to entry.

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Feb 6, 2024 9:02:57 PM