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Madison, Wis. – November 15, 2023 – Pythonic Corporation, a leader in building natural language and computer vision models for the title industry, is excited to announce its integration with SoftPro 360 for automated review and processing of Closing Disclosures (CDs). This development marks the next milestone in Pythonic's mission to transform how businesses process information and eliminate manual document processing.

As one of the most document-centric industries, title insurance stands to be a big beneficiary of AI-powered technologies and services. SoftPro, committed to enhancing its platform and user efficiency, has recognized Pythonic as a secure and reliable solution, setting the stage for continual advancements.

This integration, the first of its kind for SoftPro 360, makes it easy for title agents and closers to directly harness the expanding capabilities of AI in their day-to-day work. Agents can use Pythonic's integrated Automated CD Processing Service to eliminate most typing and stare-and-compare tasks common to working with CDs. 

Matt Younkle, Co-Founder and CEO of Pythonic shared the company's dedication to forging partnerships with industry providers and underwriters and integrating with production platforms. "Pythonic's specialty is document AI for title and escrow. We want to make it fast and easy for everyone in the industry to put this powerful technology to work for them. Our SoftPro 360 integration is further evidence of this commitment," Younkle stated.

The inclusion of Pythonic's CD processing in SoftPro 360 marks their entry into AI and machine learning with Pythonic. This integration has been approved by SoftPro for global release and is now available for use by all SoftPro Standard and Select customers.

Post by Pythonic
Feb 13, 2024 2:12:08 PM